Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday - What's blooming in my yard today

Well, it's May and here is what's blooming in my yard -
I still have some iris in bloom
My purple clemantis by the front porch has bloomed out.  The last time I posted a picture of this trellis, it was in 13 1/2 inches of snow! You can see some of my purple Dutch Iris still blooming behind this and past it the daylillies.

And the peonies are coming out. They will need to be tied up soon, they will be so heavy!

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I have planted the wading pool gardens, I put some more dirt in them, and planted tomatoes, lettuce, arugual, 3 kinds of squash and a cucumber.  And the requisite marigolds to keep out the squash bugs!  Later I'll post pictures of them as they grow and hopefully produce!

The Cotton Patch is still just dirt, but I'll try to get it posted next week! 
 Have a great week and a great Outdoor Wednesday All!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

This is what is growing in my yard this week.  I planted these from one plant given to me, it took them 3 years to bloom andnow they have spread to around 50 blooms!  They are so cute, I grow them by my front porch.

I have decided that for Outdoor Wednesday this summer, I will chronicle my favortie cotton patch.  It's down the road from my house, at the experimental farms and I watch it develop every year.  The professor who does his research in it let me cut some of it a couple of years ago before they plowed it under.  I keep them in a bowl in my living room.  When we got married, he had some shipped to me from south Arkansas to use in our table decorations.  I just love to see a cotton field for some reason.  So what do you think?  Want to see a cotton field go from tilled soil to burst bolls?  Check back here each week.

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See you next week...