Monday, June 28, 2010

Countdown to vacation!

One week from today we will be on our way for our Griswold-like summer vacation, minus the kids.  Just the two of us in my little Hyundai car (because it gets a whopping 30+ mpg) and 21 days, and 5000 miles.

It's quite a plan and its on a spreadsheet...I'll blog about it and include pictures as we go and as we are places with wi-fi that is free. 

Here is the second stop, first night is Des Moines, because its 5 hours from the second day..The Taylor Home Inn in Clear Lake Wisconsin...

It's a reproduction of the Taylor home in The Andy Griffith Show, and we are staying in Aunt Bee's room.

I'm just excited!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Long time no Blog!

I havent been blogging lately, just too darn busy.  I am going after work today to snap the cotton patch for tomorrow's outdoor Wednesday though...

We are planning the big trip to take place starting July 5th.  Leaving my daughter in charge of the house...oh boy.  NO PARTIES  do you hear me????

I told my husband that I thought in addition to places and peoples, I would take pictures of everywhere we ate and what we ate.  He said he didnt think people would want to see a bunch of pictures of McDonalds food.  If he plans to feed me that stuff, he better be prepared to stop at every bathroom on the road!

Aside from that, if you live in Arkansas, its voting day.  Primary runoffs are today and the country is watching to see what happens here.  So go vote....