What We Ate on Vacation

Day one:

Day 2
Meatball the size of my head.  We couldn't finish this off between the two of us!

Lunch at Wall Drug in Wall, SD

Chicken Inn at Morgan Utah

This is the 2 piece

Crownburger in SLC

Lunch at a casino in Elko, NV

We had breakfast at a kosher deli in Roseville, CA but I didnt get a picture of it.  Alex ate eggs with lox and onions.  I didnt.

Lunch at Jimboys Tacos

Lunch at Culinary Institute of America

Dinner at Scoma's in San Francisco
Dinner at the Big Texan in Amarillo....

This is supposed to be beefsteak tomatoes...hmmmm

and steak...

This was our waitress, she told Alex he was a smart-ass, so I took her picture with him.