Saturday, August 25, 2012

TheEagle has landed..

Neil Armstrong died today. He was 82 years old, but in my mind he will always be that clean cut, all-American young man who did something that was completely unbelievable, and then lived out his life in anonynmity.  I will never forget that wonderous day July 20th, 1969 when we all sat and watched a very brave man who exhibited vision and bravery, step out of the safety of a capsule, and walk on the moon. His words will never be forgotten. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Who among us to witness that moment can ever forget it?

It was his destiny. We all have our destiny-some are destined for greatness, some for quiet lives . His was one of a kind. And then he went home and lived a quiet life of quality and giving to others. In spite of the reports he had trouble handling the after effects, who among us wouldn't have some adjustments to that? Buzz Aldrin did the fame circuit, Neil Armstrong went on with his life, being an engineer, a educator and a farmer. A remarkable man in what some would call an unremarkable life. Maybe we should call him a true American. This surely, is what we are made of. This is a true American, not the rappers and the actors and the politicians....but the builders of dreams, the purveyors of vision, the demonstrators of bravery. Dreams are not built on money, dreams are built on accomplishments, achievements, hard work and effort.

So RIP Mr. Armstrong, you lived the good life, and left us with the dreams and the vision, and the wonderful memories, and a great quote.
So long, The Eagle has landed...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hot Springs and Outdoor Wednesday

This past weekend we went to Hot Springs, AR to go to the Races.  It was Rebel Stakes weekend and that is my favorite weekend to go. Secret Circle took home the purse and I hit the late Daily Double with her!

Sunday we went downtown and spent the morning, had lunch, then drove around and came home.  I took a lot of pictures with my new camera and got some nice shots of dogwood and redbud blooming.

I think this is oleander. You can see the buds if you look really close.
This is where one of the springs is open and you can stick your hand in.
It comes out of the ground at 143 degrees!

See more great outdoor shots over at :

This is Spring Break week so its quiet around here! I think I'll take off tomorrow and spend it with the grandkids!

Enjoy your spring - Hope you dont get in the floods this year!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Time flies by

Wow, its been a busy few months, and time has flown!  Halloween brought us a new addition - my new grandson Sawyer Reagan. He came 5 weeks early and stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks, but he is doing great and enjoyed his first Christmas.

He started out like this....

Now he looks like this at 2 months...

And this is what he does when you don't hold him...he is a very cute and cuddly baby!

Christopher turned 8 in January, hard to believe he is that old!

Olivia came and spent a day with me at work, and had her dance recital in December...she is beginning to look like a little ballerina!

They also went to Big Brother-Big Sister class to prepare for Baby Sawyer's coming...Olivia wore her getup all over the hospital..but Big C was too cool for that...

Christmas was a sick time, I was sick and missed the whole thing, my youngest had to go to the emergency room and had a kidney stone, UTI and pneumonia, and the older one had to have surgery to help her incision from the C-Section heal...

Maybe we are all over that now and can look forward to a great new year..after all, it has started off with a the Cotton Bowl!