Saturday, September 26, 2009


Well, it's Saturdy and in the South, well, the whole country, it's football day...and the Hogs took a bad beating in Alabama...dang it. Nuff said

I took the grandson to bowl...his first time, and he beat me. I wanted him to win, but not that much! He had a good time, so it was worth it.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Wow, its Thursday already. This time last week I was happily ensconced in the Doubletree in Little Rock, enjoying that free cookie. And thanking the powers that be (you know who you are) that I made it down I-40 in one piece.

Tomorrow I leave at noon to go pick up my grandson from Kindergarten and spend the afternoon with him. He is out for parent teacher conferences, and his mommy (my daughter) has to DO parent teacher conferences, because that's what they pay her for. So we get to spend the afternoon together. I have no idea what we will do. Probably something that involves spending my money.

Oh well, what else are they for but to love and spoil, right?

Enjoy the weekend ahead and the unusually cool temperatures.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

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I just dont have anything for Outdoor Wednesday. I do have some shot I made last weekend, but they are in my phone and I can't get them out. So I will resort to professional ones.

I visited the William Clinton Library in Little Rock. The last time I was there was not long after it opened, and the grounds are now just lovely and mostly green...

Photo Credit - A.C. Haralson

It's worth the visit, and no, it does NOT look like a trailer! It is a beautiful, clean lined space.
Enjoy and Happy Wednesday...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

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Here is my contribution to Outdoor Wednesday. Sunday we went for a drive/let me out at the flea market outing. One of the times I got to get out of the car was at Thorncrown Chapel. It's a wonderful chapel in the woods outside Eureka Springs. We were lucky, no weddings at the time. It's a popular place for that...and it was designed by Fay Jones, who is a local, was on the faculty here at the U of A, and a contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright.

It has a lot of trees around it, and when you sit inside, its a looks like it is floating in the sky!

It's hard to get a really good shot of it with a small digital, So this is a professional shot. It's worth a trip and a popular wedding place!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gooseberry Patch

Gooseberry Patch has a new blog and they are on Facebook and Twitter! I love this site. They are putting out a new cookbook and I haved a recipe in it. This is the second time I have gotten a recipe in one of their books. They sell them online, and in Cracker Barrels. Check them out!

You'll love them.