Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

This week I have been spending with the grandchildren. Their mother, my oldest daughter, went back to school, not studying, but teaching, andhas no one to keep the kids now that they are school age.
On Monday, we went out to the Inn at the Mill and looked  around and took some pictures.  It's a beautiful place, although no longer "in the country" as growth and progress knocks on its door.  Christopher wanted to look at the old wheel and the grindstones, which are all still in place. 

We took a few pictures.  Then a couple of days later, it rained, thank goodness, and the heat wave has abated.
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The big wheel.

Waterfall from the spring into the pond.  This mill was owned by the Johnson family.  When it operated as a mill, the spring fed the wheel  to keep it turning.

Inside the lobby area which is the old mill part.

Christopher and Olivia check out one of the Remingtons.

And check out the Indian out front. 
If you are ever in the Northwest Arkansas area this is a great place to stay and has an excellent resturant on the hill above it.

Enjoy ! And thanks for the rain!!!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crafty days

I attended a wedding on Sunday last. It was a wonderful wedding of friends and I wish them much happiness because they just deserve it!

My gift was a gift card so I did a fancy wrapping...I had no idea what her colors were, so I used pink because I have a lot of pink....I just like pink...
I made crepe paper flowers and a custom handmade tag for this.  I wrapped the envelope in a layer of pink lace, gauzy ribbon and crepe paper, then attached three flowers with double stick tape so they could be removed is the result...

Here is the tag.  The little top tag on this one has a small copy of their wedding invitation on the back...

And the flip side is a vintage picture of a wedding dress pattern....

This was super easy and made a card look nicer!

Stay cool...