Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend update: Grandchildren, storms and earthquake!

Wow, what a weekend!  The lovely grandchildren came to spend the night Friday night. We picked them up at home, and dead skunk count was an all time high of 10!
Then while Pawpaw, aka Alex, fixed a gourmet dinner of chicken nuggets and Kraft mac n cheese, I took them to the neighborhood D-G to pick out a new toy.  Christopher of course got a transformer, then later informed me that there were two more there that he could use, I guess if I found myself in the D-G with nothing to buy, and Olivia got a dinosaur. Then we went home for dinner, playing, a movie on the DVD and bed.  Christopher went off to sleep, but Olivia stayed up through Blues Clues and Bambi.  I think she would stay up all night if we let her.

At 5 am the next morning, Christoper wakes me up.
Gammie, is it time to get up?
No, go back to sleep.
Gammie, do you have bedbugs?
No, go back to sleep. (where does he get this stuff?)
Gammie, is it light outside?
No, go back to sleep.
Then the cursed alarm goes off at 6:30.
Christopher pops up.
Is it time to get up?

So we got up

Later on, after Alex got up, we took them to the IHOP for breakfast.  That went amazingly well, I guess they are growing up!  Olivia had little pancakes, eggs and bacon.  Christopher had grilled cheese and fries.  And half of Olivia's bacon.  Then I had to give her one of mine.  Then he wanted more bacon and I had to give him half of mine.  I ended up with a half piece out of two! Oh well, less calories!

Then we went home, they played outside.  Overheard Christopher saying to Olivia: Well that's just stupid!.  Not sure what that was about.  Then Susan showed up and I took them home to get out of her way.  They slept all the way home.

Then I went to  flea market on the way home. Alex avoided this by staying home and working on his schoolwork.  He avoids flea markets at all costs.

Sunday night, what a night.  About 10:15 pm it started to storm, lots of lightening, much thunder, much rain, much wind.  And in the middle of it, an earthquake.  I didn't feel it, but a friend who lives a few blocks away did.  As did almost everyone I know.  How did we miss that?

And then Pioneer Woman put Chicken Fried Steak on her blog today and thats all I can think about.

So we are off on another work week. 
6 years, 6 months, 3 days from retirement.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Back from the Snow of the Century!

Today, its back to work.  And it's Valentines Day.  Last year my new hubby bought a Moleskin journal and wrote me a sweet entry in it.  The thought was that we would write in it on special days, or whatever days and leave it for each other. 
I forgot.
For a whole year.
I forgot.
I apologize.
This morning I wrote in it and left it on his pillow.  And I didn't make up the bed. So...if he decided to make up the bed (he is retired), then he will find it.
He drove me to work today.  When I got out of the car, I told him to have a plan by 5 when he picks me up.

We will see.

Last year my daughter and I made a bunch of Valentine Tags (see my tab called tags)  This year, I didnt make one stinkin' tag.  You would think locked up in the house for 8 of the last 14 days, I would do that.  Nope, I read 4 books and watched a LOT of tv.  Then I decided that it's true...there really IS nothing on tv in the daytime!

So back to the grind, and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetheart!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another snow day....

Well, we are having another snow day here in Arkansas.  This time it is from 10 to 24 inches.  I have never seen that much snow at one time. I'm just so over snow!

This is the pot on my porch, and it's under the porch roof!

This snow is so deep, its up to the bottom of the seat of my garden bench and it's still snowing. 

This is my lawn chair and the lawnmower on my patio...

And the trees...

These people were trying to get up the street, and it took them about an hour to go 2 blocks!

To see other neat outdoor shots, visit Susan at Southern Daydreamer



Sunday, February 6, 2011

My First Award

Holly over at Beneath The Big Oak awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award the other day.
She has a wonderful blog full of thoughts, pictures, decorating and recipes.

So go on over and visit her and the other stylish blogs I have awarded. I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and link to 15 other delightful here goes

Seven things about me...
1. I am an Andy Griffith Show Fan-atic. I will also spend unreasonable amounts of time watching re-runs on TV Land.
2. I am the 3rd great-granddaughter of a Confederate veteran and the 6th great-grandaughter of a Revolutionary veteran and the daughter of a World War II veteran.
3. I have come to dislike snow very much in the last few years.
4. I have aspirations to become a Parrot Head.
5. I read anything I get my hands on, even cookbooks.
6. I can ride a horse.
7.  I have unreasonable fears of rodents,heights, escalators, needles, walking and being in a car on snow and ice (see #3) and interstates.

Here are some blogs I love to visit:

1.  Mindy @ Apron Girls

2.  Aunt Ruthie @ Sugar Pie Farmhouse

3.  Debi and the Sorority Sisters @ The Blogerette Sorority