Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Here is my contribution to Outdoor Wednesday. Link here for others:

We went on a little drive this weekend, checking out the place where we are planning our wedding, and stopped at this little country cemetery, because it is so pretty and interesting. It is called Crosses Creek Cemetery, and I think one of my friend's family is buried here.

It has a small, neat chapel....

A lot of the graves are marked with rocks, no names.

It has tables I think they use for decoration day most likely,

And an outhouse.
Did I mention it is in Madison County?


  1. What a sweet post. I love to look at and photograph old churches and cemetaries. Thanks for the look. Hugs, Cindy S

  2. Love those old country churches with a history! Not real fond of outhouses! :)

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  3. Very interesting post. I love the photo of the little chapel, it looks so peaceful.
    I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

  4. What a charming spot. Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing them with us. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  5. I love these little snippets of history from different parts of the country!


  6. I'm that friend and yes that's my family!!! I have to say, I was blown away seeing these pictures on your blog.

    We just had our decoration day this past Sunday. My daddy and two of my brothers are buried there as well as a whole bunch of other relatives.

    My mom and dad both went to school in that little building. It only went through the 8th grade at which point you had to "transfer" to the big city of St. Paul. My dad was allowed to do that for one year but my mother had to stay home and help with her younger siblings.

    Lots of memories for me and stories to be told. Thanks for sharing!!!