Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend update

Last weekend we spent 3 days in Hot Springs, where I lived until I was 13.  I love going back and always hate to leave for some reason.

The good part about going in March is this place:

Oaklawn Race Track
These horses are beautiful and watching them do what they love to do is a treat!

My favorite sign!
This year I came out ahead, actually doubled my betting money. For the first time I hit a Daily Double that paid $52.80 on a $2 bet!
This last Saturday was the Rebel Stakes and a horse called The Factor had it in a runaway.  I thought Bill O-Reilly owned it, but its just named after his show.  That horse is a really fast horse and I think maybe we will see it in the winner's circle at the Kentucky Derby.

Of course when we first got to town on Friday we timed it so we arrived here at the end of the lunch rush:

And had us a plate of ribs!  I took 2 of mine with us and thats what we had for dinner!

We stayed at a nice old hotel up Fountain Street from the Arlington and had dinner after the races in their very fine italian restuarant called Angels on the Park.
Sunday we went out to Garvan Woodland Gardens and walked around to see the chapel and buildings, but didnt go into the garden part.  We will save that for another time.  I'll post pictures of that tour on here for Outdoor Wednesday!

Next year, same place, same race, hopefully as good a turnout as this year!


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