Wednesday, December 30, 2009

After Christmas lull

Wow, Christmas is over and my youngest has moved back into the nest. I am liking this having her here again. I wish the grandchildren would come visit more.
We went out today and had a nice lunch and were going to go to the movies. The snow is almost all melted away, and I didn't take pictures. I can't get used to having a digital camera in the house now! We ended up coming home after a cruise through BB&B, but we will go to the movies tomorrow.
This year was the first white Christmas since 1975. I remember that one! We drove from Ft.Smith to Clarksville to my grandmother's on lane down the middle. I wouldn't do that today...It was a pretty snow, and it melted off the streets by afternoon, so we went to a movie, Sherlock Holmes - along with a lot of other people! It was a nice relaxing Christmas, and ended it with a pot of chili.

I am already dreading going to work on Monday!

Love and Happy New Year,

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