Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pie making

The other day my daughter and I decided to make a pie together, so we cheated and bought a store crust, since we were also making dinner at the same time and our kitchen is a one person kitchen. It was made with Granny Smith apples, my fav for pies...and here is the result. It just oozes juices, ( now I need to clean the oven). We baked it in a Pampered Chef deep dish stoneware pie plate. I love Pampered Chef!
I also got in the mail this week, the Farmers Market cookbook from Gooseberry Patch. I sent in a recipe and they used it. I love going in the Cracker Barrel, getting down their cookbook from the rack and seeing my recipe in it!
Ice storm is coming our way, so maybe tonight I'll bake another pie!

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