Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday, Tags and Easter and Mother's Day and the new puppy...

Check the tags section of my page for pictures of the tags my daughter and I make.  I'll put new ones up and take down old ones perodically.  These are so simple to make, we use scrapbook paper, shipping tags and public domain images to make them (at least I am reasonably sure these are public domain.  These are not any we are selling though, I make them for family and friends to use.)  We  really enjoy doing these together and we find we are more creative when we sit down together and work on them! Its more fun that way too.
We did have to organize it and get a big tub to put supplies in, because we needed the dining room table for Easter Dinner!  When I get my new husband's boxes unpacked and gone through, we will have what I refer to as the "craft/crap" room available.  I'll post pictures of the transformation there. I have my grandmother's dining room table in it, its a drop leaf table, and it will be the work table.  It was my mother's when I was growing up until she gave it to my grandmother. Then my daughter used it and now I have it.  I'll be glad to get a special work room and get the computer set up and re-worked.  I gave my new husband the study, which used to be my office/workroom, to be his office/study/den.  Its a manly room with that wonderful old fashioned knotty pine paneling which some people hate, but I love.  It's my favortie thing in this house I grew up in.

The new puppy at hour house has won everyone over and is the darling of us all. She is so cute!  Pictures below..she is a schnauzer mix and has adapted to our family very well.  Even the cat is warming up to her and was playing with her last night!

And what does this have to do with Outdoor Wednesday?  Well, the last picture was taken outside, of course! She loves to play outside, and has brought a stick in the now we outdoors inside....
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  1. Your puppy tag is just so cute! I'm going to have to take a look at the others too. Oh and I love your blog name and what you wrote in your sidebar about being Southern. I was born in South Carolina, moved to California when I was 14, lived in Tulsa for several years after I married, finally moved to Phoenix AZ over 20 years ago. But despite the fact that most of my life has been spent in the West, I still consider myself a Southern girl! That's just how it is! LOL It's totally a way of being and relating to the world around you...and like you said....a state of mind....and my sisters and I still always refer to ourselves as Southern! Love your post and your blog. Be sure to drop by and see me sometime!

    Elaine :)