Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's all about the RED!

It's football time in Arkansas, and to me that means one thing....GO HOGS!

Razorback Red is our favorite color.  Red Cars. Red Shirts. Red Purses!!! RED SHOES!!!  It just goes on and on.

The best thing is going to Razorback Stadium on a warm sunny fall afternoon and watching the fun.  The cheerleaders, the band, the majorettes, the big trailer that carries Tusk out to watch the game.  We have gone through several versions of Big Red, and now it's Tusk III. 
Here's that bad boy!  Waiting for the fun to start.

Oh and they also manage to put on a football game! Who am I kidding? It doesn't have to be warm and sunny, we will go in the rain, the cold...I draw the line at sleet, snow and lightening though. I don't drive in the first two, and well, lightening can kill ya!

This week, it's Go Hogs, turn back the Tide!!

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Have a great week and a RED weekend!!



  1. It looks like the entire audience is wearing RED. How Fun! I noticed you love Blue Willow - and I have always said they are Aunt Bee's dishes, too! She was so cute!

  2. Yeah, Aunt Bee was why I started collecting Blue Willow!
    And of course everyone is wearing red, it's Razorback Stadium! Bama's colors are red and white too, but they wore whit to the game this weekend. It was a great game, not a great outcome, but a great game.