Friday, July 17, 2009

My week at home

My week at home is almost over..and I didn't accomplish a blessed thing...The Salvation Army didn't benefit...I didn't cook, I didn't clean.
I did however make a custard pie, spent a day with the grandkids going to the library and lunch...I think I got the red jell-o out of my white pants...and did some great reading. So it's been a nice time off. Frankly its too hot to go to the flea markets or hang out by a pool!
Today I came over to Alex's house for breakfast and then we are going to go out exploring. Maybe hit a flea market....

1 comment:

  1. Well, did you accomplish any un-blessed things? Miss Scarlet would have been happy to have assigned you daily chores and checked to see if you completed them! I think the ruslin' of your petticoats, the red ones went to your many times have I told you to stop just-a walkin through the house to hear'em? See ya at work next week!