Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

This is not a new picture, but it is interesting. Its a spring built by my Great-grandmother's Grandfather, James Hudson. It's called Hudson Spring and its in Johnson County, Arkansas. It looks rusty because the water has a lot of iron in it. This spring has survived for over a hundred years. I love it...


  1. I hope you will stop by Dining With Debbie with your favorite Crock Pot Wednesday entry. Misty Linky is up and waiting for you. The first of the giveaways for the inaugural event is posted. My husband's family was from Johnson County - Hartman to be exact. We sold the final piece of family property (other than the grave sites) this past spring. It was somewhat sad to see the end of it.

  2. so neat...great picture

    come see our campmeeting...another great outdoor thing!

  3. This is on Hwy 102, a little past the Woodland community.