Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation Day Two and Three - Iowa,Minnesota and Wisconsin - and TAYLOR HOME INN!

Day 2 and up at the crack of 8 am...breakfast in the breakfast room with other people's annoying children...such is traveling.

Then we were off, up through Iowa.  Then we came upon:
Welcome to Minnesota.

The trip through St. Paul was harrowing at best, construction everywhere, and we were dumped onto local streets with no idea where we were or where to go.  After purchasing a map, and checking out another one, driving around a while, I figured out where to turn and we were on our way, a different route than Google said, but it worked and we finally pulled up to the Taylor Home Inn.  This is a wonderful B&B that is a reproduction of the Andy Taylor house in The Andy Griffith Show. 
I was totally unprepared when I walked in.  I had seen pictures of it from groundbreaking on...but it just hits you when you walk in.  It is just indescribable.

We were greeted by Marsha and Ellie Walker, the cutest little black miniature schnauzer ever. Ellie spends a great deal of time with a golf ball in her mouth, which she will let you throw for her if she decides she trusts you.

We stayed in Aunt Bee's room, had a pop at Wally's , went over to a lovely town called Amery, were I ordered the spaghetti and meatball, and was presented with a meatball about the size of my head.  See pictures under what we ate.

I will post more later on this wonderful place and the lovely hostess, Marsha, when we stay at a place with a better internet connection.  This one takes 5 minutes to upload a picture!

So after a trip back across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and we crossed over to:

While here we stopped off at the Corn Palace

Where I had my picture made as a corn, and Alex refused to cooperate.  I told him, he needed to lighten up and have some fun with it.  He said he didn't like having his picture I pointed out that I don't either, but if you don't, it won't even look like you were there!


We drove through some beautiful farmland, lots of corn, flat land but just beautiful.   Rain storms and sunshine, then we topped a small hill, and right in front of us, unexpectedly, was a breathtaking view of the Missouri River and hills on the other side.  and that's were we stopped for the day.

More in a day or two, when the internet is better!

Dead Skunk count is now 5. 
Should have done coons,cause that number is about 5000

Number of antique stores/flea markets that we have passed by = 4,642,899


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