Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The vacation saga continues....

Greetings from California. 
I didn't blog in Nevada because we stayed at Harrahs and they charge $10.95 to use the internet...and little by the road motels and McDonalds has it free!  Give me a break.

So last time I promised Salt Lake City, and here it is...

We first stopped in Morgan for the Browning Outlet and dinner at a chicken place Alex loves.  See pictures under what we ate...

Then on to SLC, where we stayed in a really lovely hotel that was not very expensive. They provided a great breakfast and free internet...

We went out to the Lake, once you get across the causeway to Antelope Island, it doesn't stink at all.

We went to the visitors center and got some great pictures... and a great view.

These rocks are ledges that mark the shoreline of the glacial lake that once covered much of this area and formed the salt lake.

We visited the ranch that was worked on this island until the 1980's.

The Ranch house

This is the bunkhouse

There is a bell on that post

The barn - it was a great barn!

There are supposed to be a lot of antelope and buffalo on this island...this is the only antelope we saw...and these are the only buffalo we saw...

It was an interesting and awesome place...very ancient.  I was so glad to be able to see it!

That afternoon we went downtown to Temple square and visited the tabernacle, the outside of the Temple and the grounds, which are truly lovely.

The Tabernacle

The Temple

The back

The front of the Temple with the reflecting pool in front

The statue dedicated to the seagull.

Then we left the next morning and drove across the state of Nevada to Reno, which is the next post.

Dead skunk count unchaged
Dead jackrabbit count = 6

antique stores we have passed by = 6,545,999


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