Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Outoor Wednesday and the Snow!

Last week we had a little snow, and got a snow day out of it.  I took these off the porch...didn't want to put the boots etc on and get out in it!

Thank goodness the rental property is empty, it needs some major foundation work!

See more cool outdoors shots at:




  1. Nice dusting of snow you got there! We hadn't had any this winter, just one day of minor flurries.

  2. I would have taken the pictures from inside my bed.....brrr...

  3. Pretty little dusting! We have over a foot usually!! The other night it was -4! However today it warmed up to 32 degrees and feels absolutely balmy outside!

  4. The south is certainly experiencing a cold winter. Stay warm!

  5. Yikes....snow in the south?????
    Joyce M

  6. Yes Joyce, it snows in the south! This one was about 3-4". Last year we had 12 inches on the first day of Spring! Fortunately in the South, it doesn't stay around very long. The streets were slushy by 5 pm, froze the next morning but thawed by noon.

    And Donnie, if I could have figured out how to take pictures from my bed I would have! I enjoy snow these days from the window!

  7. Snow! just missed us here in the southeast,sigh,I would have loved it!

    I noticed you were published in Farmers Market Favorites Cookbook @ Gooseberry Patch, I just received a small flyer in the mail and went to thier website and put thier button on my blog( love these recipes.

    I am new follower!

  8. I love all the snow picturs and I am a little envious...I think snow would be wonderful! We have to drive up the mountain to find it around here!

  9. I love these snow pictures! I always wish for snow here in the south, but alas, it just doesn't happen! I enjoy your blog and have awarded you the Stylish Blogger award. You can stop by my blog and pick it up.