Sunday, February 6, 2011

My First Award

Holly over at Beneath The Big Oak awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award the other day.
She has a wonderful blog full of thoughts, pictures, decorating and recipes.

So go on over and visit her and the other stylish blogs I have awarded. I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and link to 15 other delightful here goes

Seven things about me...
1. I am an Andy Griffith Show Fan-atic. I will also spend unreasonable amounts of time watching re-runs on TV Land.
2. I am the 3rd great-granddaughter of a Confederate veteran and the 6th great-grandaughter of a Revolutionary veteran and the daughter of a World War II veteran.
3. I have come to dislike snow very much in the last few years.
4. I have aspirations to become a Parrot Head.
5. I read anything I get my hands on, even cookbooks.
6. I can ride a horse.
7.  I have unreasonable fears of rodents,heights, escalators, needles, walking and being in a car on snow and ice (see #3) and interstates.

Here are some blogs I love to visit:

1.  Mindy @ Apron Girls

2.  Aunt Ruthie @ Sugar Pie Farmhouse

3.  Debi and the Sorority Sisters @ The Blogerette Sorority



  1. It was fun to find out some things about you and you really deserve that great award.