Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another snow day....

Well, we are having another snow day here in Arkansas.  This time it is from 10 to 24 inches.  I have never seen that much snow at one time. I'm just so over snow!

This is the pot on my porch, and it's under the porch roof!

This snow is so deep, its up to the bottom of the seat of my garden bench and it's still snowing. 

This is my lawn chair and the lawnmower on my patio...

And the trees...

These people were trying to get up the street, and it took them about an hour to go 2 blocks!

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  1. Poor baby. Spring is coming, honest.

  2. Did your last snow melt away in a day? Ours did here over in Flippin, AR (close to Mt. Home) Boy we're really getting it this time though aren't we? I hear they're calling it Arkansas' Snowmageddon!lol

    Hugs XX

  3. Barbara, no our street was still ice and we still had the now from last week on the ground whn this one hit!

    Donnie, thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I can so understand your 'hate' of snow about right now. I moved south to get away from it and the first year we lived here...guess what? snowed!!

    Stay warm and safe.

    PS...thanks so much for the birthday wishes and your visiting with me yesterday!!!

  5. Wow! Looks serene - until the picture of the attempt to move the car! Amazing - we rarely get snow - but have had it twice!
    What a winter - anticipating spring!